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#LePavilion #NewOrleans #photooftheday #nola (at La Pavillion)

Singing the blues #music #blackandwhite #pianobar #hollywood

Doin what I do best- directing.- #chicago #tvshow #crew #sony (at Lacuna Artist Loft Studios)

After 9 days of shooting with a great crew , beautiful locations, awesome footage, and new friends- our pilot is half way there. next stop Chicago- watch us soon on Al Hurra tv. thank you #Beirut #lebanon #crew #hiphop (at Beirut Art Center)

Looking back, I will turn 30 in days- most of my time from waking up to sleepless nights thinking story, writing, working my ass off for other people and constantly developing new story. Bein indebted to make my passion projects and struggling to survive day by day doing work for others. Finished over 10 shorts in English/French/Portuguese/Spanish, a number of commercials, a handful of music videos. Emailing every production company and agency boutiques from the west of California to the east of Egypt. And still yet no opportunity for a single feature to come
To light. I am not complaining but simply venting cause very few people understand the brutal attempt to survive as an artist in today’s corporate money dominated mindset. With 12 years now in the production world- barely getting by and trusting unreliable people- should I still keep going? Is the heart ache meaningful? Something go wrong along the way? How is it that this many incompetent people work and others as me and talented folks I know barely work?
I am turning 30 and can’t help but feel anything but an under achiever.

film is a dead art, and a reborn business- at a time where telecommunication corporation, whether it be Fox or Warner or Universal- with no creative or artistic integrity- dictate the “mainstream” movies playing out in the world. At a time where a director is never hired, yet expected to write, provide crew, have half of the budget handy, and then there might be room to create. An age of specialization is gone, now its time for who can do so much for how much less. The youtube age killed the art of cinema.
all i need is a producer that believes in me!

Recently i had the pleasure of shooting, editing and directing a piece celebrating Easter Mass and the unveiling of the painting by artist Maureen Wolfson at the Resurrection Church in Los Angeles. It was interesting to develop a cinematic concept to such a holy event and developing a sense of characters coming to life without them even realizing it. It was quiet an event, i hope you enjoy the final piece.

The Mass of Easter from THE WORK OF HASSAN SAID on Vimeo.

shot four hours worth of footage of Easter Mass and the unveiling of painter Maureen Wolfson’s “Resurrection” painting at the Resurrection Church in Los Angeles, CA.

Special thanks to Steve Wolfson and the members of Resurrection Church

It’s 80 degrees in #venicebeach #hot #losangeles #beach #beautiful #bestoftheday #love #sunshine #california (at Venice Beach)