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This is it, i am going to be only shooting 120 film on the Hasselblad

 Conceptually, as a filmmaker, composition is mainly at capturing the full image with the subject/background in consideration. Shooting a 6x6 image is a whole other beast. 

1 Roll = 12 photos = tough decisions, you become more selective, and you let the camera guide you to shooting an intimate frame. 

jumping from portraits, to landscape, to long exposures, to pushing stops in processing. If you have a film camera somewhere sitting collecting dust, bring it out and take it for a walk.

You have more freedom to manipulate the image, create your own vibrancy in color and exposure.

no set rules, you experiment;

Realizing, that still, nothing brings me more joy than shooting celluloid.

Stacked up on film: 800 Portra, 50 & 125 Ilford, 160 NC, 400 TX Kodak, more photos to come soon.

Dawn on the 6th St bridge

Dawn on the 6th St bridge

coming soon.

lawss-AN-jə-ləs - part II


 (click on photos to enlarge)