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DEATH WILL TREMBLE: Death Will Tremble, Episode 7

it gets even crazier, check out the latest episode of my web series ;)

A web series - Set in Los Angeles, after developing an addiction to a strange new street drug called Rations, a private investigator who struggles to hold on to his sanity gets entangled in a dangerous, otherworldly, criminal enterprise when accepting a job tailing a crime boss’ wife. written by Aaron Keene / directed by Hassan Said

This is something very different and has an intense quality ; a refreshing flavor to the world of internet web series

you can view the first four episodes on Blip Tv

Like us on facebook: facebook.com/deathwilltremble

an episode that I shot and directed from the series DEATH WILL TREMBLE, written by Aaron Keene. 

to see more episodes, visit OHDARK30: http://vimeo.com/user1044819


music video by Hassan Said for singer Anna Maria Flechero’s “TROUBLES ON MY MIND”, reflecting America’s current social and political issues that surrounds us, every day, set in a high school environment. 

Tragically, one of the extras in the video, Jared Esquivel, a local student in the high school we filmed in, sadly committed suicide on January 18th, months later after the video. 

Our prayers and condolences go out to Jared’s family and friends. This is for you and all the youth in america who struggle day by day in search of happiness in our current time.