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Recently i had the pleasure of shooting, editing and directing a piece celebrating Easter Mass and the unveiling of the painting by artist Maureen Wolfson at the Resurrection Church in Los Angeles. It was interesting to develop a cinematic concept to such a holy event and developing a sense of characters coming to life without them even realizing it. It was quiet an event, i hope you enjoy the final piece.

DEATH WILL TREMBLE: Death Will Tremble, Episode 7

it gets even crazier, check out the latest episode of my web series ;)

A quick snap of a lovely woman

i followed her on hot 96 degree southern california day. Crept out recluse in Venice, she had a crooked walk, as if not knowing where she was or where she is going. Grace-fully, she swung her walk and spat fire!

the san francisco troop at the Nerdiest Theater, stand up comedy in Los Angeles,
with GUY BRANUM and BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT! — at Meltdown Comics 

"AN EGYPTIAN IN L.A." by film critic Sherif Award  - The Westchester Guardian.


thats a wrap on color correction, with our awesome colorist Dalia Mosa’ad, of my upcoming spanish short Sal y Limón at FilmLight in Los Angeles.

the final step, sound and then you, the viewers :)

I can see you through the window.

Every country gets the circus it deserves. Spain gets bullfights. Italy gets the Catholic Church. America gets Hollywood. - Erica Jong